Honda Cruiser Build

This Kelver Custom project uses every service we offer. The paint work is done in House of Kolors Fine Wine candy over House of Kolor Orion Silver base. The ceramic coating is done in Cerakote Glacier Titanium. The rear fender has Cosmichrome chrome with a hand painted Honda emblem. Powder coating was a multi stage project, finished in Prismatic's Alpine Bronze Metallic and Carbon Black Lettering

Mercedes Benz AMG Brake Calipers

Custom AMG brake calipers for a customers Mercedes. This customer wanted to color match the calipers to a early 00's Corvette color while maintaining the AMG emblems in black.

Prosthetic Leg Armor - Iron Man Theme

This prosthetic leg armor was a combination of a Iron man style theme and mixing with some of Cerakotes coolest colors to match the customers motorbike helmet. Color: Aztec Teal, Stormtrooper White, Crushed Silver, Stainless Steel and Black

1974 Plymouth Cuda

1974 Plymouth Cuda Project - This car is getting a fresh lease on life with a custom paint job, fresh engine build, beefed up transmission and a few other goodies. Check out some of the pics to see this project!