Honda Cruiser Build

This Kelver Custom project uses every service we offer. The paint work is done in House of Kolors Fine Wine candy over House of Kolor Orion Silver base. The ceramic coating is done in Cerakote Glacier Titanium. The rear fender has Cosmichrome chrome with a hand painted Honda emblem. Powder coating was a multi stage project, finished in Prismatic's Alpine Bronze Metallic and Carbon Black Lettering

Mercedes Benz AMG Brake Calipers

Custom AMG brake calipers for a customers Mercedes. This customer wanted to color match the calipers to a early 00's Corvette color while maintaining the AMG emblems in black.

Prosthetic Leg Armor - Iron Man Theme

This prosthetic leg armor was a combination of a Iron man style theme and mixing with some of Cerakotes coolest colors to match the customers motorbike helmet. Color: Aztec Teal, Stormtrooper White, Crushed Silver, Stainless Steel and Black

1974 Plymouth Cuda

1974 Plymouth Cuda Project - This car is getting a fresh lease on life with a custom paint job, fresh engine build, beefed up transmission and a few other goodies. Check out some of the pics to see this project!

Custom Two Tone Rims

Check out some of our custom 2 tone rims we have done!

Lamborghini LM002 - Engine Air Intake Air Box - Full resotoration

The Lamborghini LM002 aka "Lamborghini truck" or the "Rambo Lambo" is an off-road truck manufactured by Lamborghini between 1986 and 1993, with only 328 of these vehicles were ever created. Thus making parts almost impossible to locate. This air box was brought to us for a full restoration due to someone else attempting to repair it and causing severe damage to the entire assembly! This part needed some serious love and attention but in the end, it looked as good if not better then the original. With this we took the time to strip it to bare metal and expose all the issues. We removed the non-existent Lamborghini logo and had a new one laser cut. Then we tig welded the new one and filled any deep holes with weld. All pin holes were then filled with our special powder coat and heat friendly filler. Once it was looking good, we primed it not once but twice with sanding in between to make sure it was flush. We then did a match to the color and texture to keep it looking as OEM as possible. Once coated we hand sanded the Lamborghini logo to raw aluminum for the finishing touch.

Chainsaw Restoration

Here is a vintage Pioneer NU-17 Chainsaw. The Nu-17 was manufactured by Pioneer saws ltd of Peterborough, Ontario between the years of 1961 - 1964. We did a restoration on this unit and gave is a little Kelver Customs touch by refinishing it in Illusion Copper Plus II, and brushed aluminum emblems and lettering.

Two tone custom covers

A customer of ours is working on a SEMA build, we were asked to do a multi tone job to match the rest of his build. We did a custom candy powder coat job, with detail pin striping. Silver base with candy orange and satin black accents.